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Are you looking for DOG HOTEL ? FURRYS offers an exclusive dog boarding centre for all committed pet parents. Its a home away from home for all ur pets. Ur pets wud be longing to visit us again n again once u leave them with us.
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Are you looking for Pet Grooming ? FURRYS offers one of the most comprehensive grooming services in Anna nagar, Chennai. We specialise in Customised hair cutting, herbal bath with specially formulated oil for dry skin, anti tick n flea bath, glow treatment for dry skin, nail cutting, hair coloring and so on. Drop in once with ur pet and feel the difference. Book ur appointment immediately... We are happy to serve ur pet. 😄😄
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PET GROOMING: Grooming ur pet requires time, care, caution and individual to attention. So to relieve u from the grooming woes. We at FURRYS offer PET GROOMING SERVICE performed by trained and certified groomers. Our peeps ensure ur pet is groomed under the most friendly atmosphere making them more comfortable. Our services include customized haircut, flea tick treatment, herbal bath, coloring and glow treatment. BOOK UR APPOINTMENT TODAY TO GET THE BEST MAKEOVER FOR UR PET.
PET CLINIC: An ideal Pet clinic should be capable of providing sorts of clinical services for ur pet. FURRYS pet clinic is one of them to offer it all. Here we are equipped to handle all sorts of emergencies, specialists to attend to individual health issues for ur pets, surgery, health care counseling and tips. We have our team of Veterinarians who are basically pet lovers and love treating them.
PET BOARDING: From prehistoric times pets have always been with Humankind. They have made our lives better with their love and affection, so looking after them is one of our main work. This especially comes to the fore when we leave for work or moving out of town for a few days , weeks or even months. So to relieve ur stress and pressure, we at FURRYS offer our exclusive PET BOARDING SERVICE. Each and every pet wud be housed inside a kennel. Ur pet wud be maintained with all the comforts u provide in ur home. Home cooked and tasty meals are provided from time to time with a dedicated 24/7 caretaker and regular Veterinary health checks. SO THINK PET BOARDING THINK FURRYS.